Organize Your Life by combining calendar and tasks in one beautiful timeline

No more switching between calendars and task managers - simply glance at your timeline, and you'll have a crystal-clear vision of your day ahead.

Ready to embrace the organized life?

Effortlessly schedule and manage your tasks

Seamlessly schedule and effortlessly manage all your tasks with ease.

Beautiful timeline view for optimal task visualization

Experience task visualization at its finest with our intuitive timeline view.

Drag and drop tasks to easily reschedule

Enjoy ultimate flexibility - effortlessly reschedule tasks with a simple drag and drop.

Simple task creation with just three taps

Create tasks in a breeze with just three taps - simplicity at its finest.

Calendar import for a comprehensive overview of your schedule

Get a comprehensive schedule overview - import your calendar seamlessly.

Homescreen widgets for a quick overview of your upcoming tasks

Stay on top of your tasks with convenient homescreen widgets - a quick glimpse at your upcoming schedule.

Ready to embrace the organized life?