Organize Your Life by combining calendar and tasks in one beautiful timeline

No more switching between calendars and task managers - simply glance at your timeline, and you'll have a crystal-clear vision of your day ahead.

Ready to embrace the organized life?

Effortlessly schedule and manage your tasks

Seamlessly schedule and effortlessly manage all your tasks with ease.

Beautiful timeline view for optimal task visualization

Experience task visualization at its finest with our intuitive timeline view.

Drag and drop tasks to easily reschedule

Enjoy ultimate flexibility - effortlessly reschedule tasks with a simple drag and drop.

Simple task creation with just three taps

Create tasks in a breeze with just three taps - simplicity at its finest.

Calendar import for a comprehensive overview of your schedule

Get a comprehensive schedule overview - import your calendar seamlessly.

Homescreen widgets for a quick overview of your upcoming tasks

Stay on top of your tasks with convenient homescreen widgets - a quick glimpse at your upcoming schedule.

What our users say about us?


This app is the exact thing I have been looking for, for the past years. Beautiful UI, intuitive task creation, very friendly dev, with reasonable pricing for extra features. I know this app is still new, but it would be great to see some features like reminding a set amount of time before a task (currently has to be set as fixed custom time), completed tasks at the top as filled circles, or maybe even a calendar view. However, just as it is, my favourite day to day planner!

Mayank Jain

A Game-Changer for My Productivity! Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I've been using Prosper for a while now, and it has completely transformed the way I manage my tasks and time. This app is an absolute gem for anyone looking to boost their productivity and stay organized. The app's performance has been flawless, and I haven't encountered any bugs or crashes.It syncs effortlessly across my devices, ensuring I'm always up to date Download it now and take control of your tasks and time. You won't be disappointed

Russell Goodwin

I have been looking for a great app that's easy to use and allows me to organize myself. Usually I use a couple of apps such as one for tasks and one for a calendar etc. Prosper allows me to use one app to do everything. I love the way the calendar shows how much time you have available between tasks. Great app.

I love this app

prosper just has a great layout, it’s perfectly manageable and it’s the only planner i’ve been able to keep. i like how tasks are more individualized so you can edit tasks more than you edit your day or week if that makes sense. it works things out to where it’s something you achieve. the new statistics update just makes it better cuz now it’s just a game to me and i actually wanna get stuff done.


My ADHD makes keeping a schedule nearly impossible. Remembering appointments? Nope, not gonna happen in this neurodivergent brain. And I’m sure not gonna break out one of the half-dozen empty planners I’ve got on the shelf, put two things into it, and then abandon it in two days…again.

I don’t usually write reviews but wow

Listen… I’m not one to write reviews but this app just has brought me at a lost for words. I’ve tried so hard journaling things that I’ve done to keep track of what I’ve done throughout the day and this app never fails me. LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Now i can keep tabs and my goals for the week in life and at work and accomplish them in a timely manner, thank you 3000 for this to the creators and i will be recommending to honestly everyone i know. CHEERS 🤍🤍🤍

Ready to embrace the organized life?